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Certified Physicians Treating Addiction

We are board-certified physicians in addiction medicine and various other medical specialties who can equip you to live a healthy, drug-free life. We believe in a calm, no-nonsense approach to substance use disorders. We advocate a whole body and mind approach – we don’t just treat pieces of you.

Calming Goat detoxes you off of all drugs, safely and easily. We do lab monitoring to assess total health and urine drug screens if necessary. Most importantly, we utilize the latest fact-based treatment standards to set you up for success – so that you don’t relapse.

Individualized Addiction Treatment. Proven Outcomes.

Although all of our treatment plans are carefully individualized, each is fully rooted in proven methods and a history of successful outcomes. Our team of highly-qualified physicians is equipped to diagnose and manage underlying psychiatric disorders that can cause you to use and relapse. We manage other medical issues such as high blood pressure, liver disease, or drug use during pregnancy. If there is any need for further medical treatment, our doctors are able to admit you to hospitals or provide referrals to medical specialists all over Los Angeles. We’ve got the skills and resources to help you fully recover.

Why do we do this? We’re tired of watching people suffer. Medically-assisted treatment for most detox and relapse prevention measures can be managed on a fully outpatient basis (through a doctor’s office). Calming Goat believes that treatment should be accessible to everyone – many people don’t have the bank account, extensive insurance coverage, or months of time to dedicate to expensive rehabilitation services. Everyone deserves complete recovery.

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We can do this; it’s actually fairly painless and easy. Call or complete our contact form today to speak to one of our highly trained team members about building a plan that works for you. Let our addiction medicine physicians show you how you can feel better right now.


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Our addiction medicine group is an official essential healthcare business and will be open regular business hours during any shelter in place order while following the CDC guidelines regarding COVID-19.