Calming Goat Addiction Medicine Launches

Calming Goat Addiction Medicine Launches

Calming Goat Addiction Medicine Group


Staffed by a credentialed medical team, Calming Goat will bring MAT to the greater Los Angeles area.

Los Angeles, CA – Opening this week, Calming Goat Addiction Medicine Group provides fully outpatient addiction treatment services for individuals addicted to drugs and alcohol. Driven by a core purpose that, “Everyone deserves complete recovery,” CGAMG’s clinicians administer medication-assisted treatment to addicted individuals in Southern California.

Founding a New Kind of Addiction Treatment Facility

Calming Goat was founded by board-certified physicians in addiction medicine who aim to help others live healthy, drug-free lives. They utilize evidence-based treatment methods to diagnose and manage underlying psychiatric disorders that may cause clients to relapse, along with symptoms associated with withdrawal from drugs and alcohol.

Many addiction treatment facilities require inpatient or residential treatment of at least 30 days before transitioning to off-campus levels of care. A number of them do not offer medication-assisted treatment or do not have clinicians on staff. The team has created a revolutionary model; in an effort to make addiction services more accessible and affordable, they have crafted a proven approach to recovery that can be completed on a fully outpatient basis. This programming is equally comprehensive when compared to traditional residential treatment. Instead of requiring participants to live on campus, Calming Goat provides robust therapeutic services (individual and group therapies), clinical support, and medication-assisted treatment in a flexible format. Participants can live at home, go to work, and take care of personal responsibilities, all while progressing in their recovery.

Licensed Clinicians

Calming Goat is helmed by a team of licensed addiction specialists. This panel of MDs has extensive experience in fields including addiction medicine, nephrology, psychiatry, and critical care. Their years in the field of addiction medicine have created a unique person-first approach taken by each member of the CGAMG staff. “Treating chronically ill patients who suffer from pain and managing drug dependency issues is my focus,” says Edgar Allan Musngi, MD.

What’s Next for Calming Goat?

Calming Goat will begin offering treatment for those addicted to opioids, alcohol, tobacco, stimulants, sedatives, and marijuana. Services include medication-assisted treatment, treatment planning, medical services, psychotherapy and follow-up sessions. To learn more, visit or call 424-376-3444.

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