Marijuana Use Disorder

What is Marijuana Use Disorder?

If you find it hard to function day to day without marijuana use, you might meet the criteria for marijuana use disorder. Most people do not realize that marijuana is addictive and has its own distinct physical and mental withdrawal symptoms. It is common to have loss of appetite, irritability, vomiting episodes, difficulty concentrating, and possible 2 to 4 week difficulty with daily functioning. Men that smoke marijuana habitually can also develop gynecomastia (Maboobs, Man Boobs). Marijuana use in adolescence does affect the developing brain and is often a gateway drug to other drug misuse.

Just as every person is unique, their pattern of drug abuse and eventual healing are completely individualized. Generally, all marijuana products are stopped, and supportive prescription medications that taper off in 1-2 weeks are used to prevent withdrawal and cravings.

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